Creativ Soft's culture, values and people

Boost your capabilities with outsourcing services or IT staff augmentation. ā€Just get your projects done. We do the coding, you do business.

So, what we do?

For more than a decade, we’ve helped startups, nonprofits, corporations, and state bodies design, build and launch products that scale their activity.

Simply put, we assist companies and different entities in their digital transformation efforts and help start-ups bring their ideas into products. We specialize in developing web and mobile apps, as well as custom software, from the initial concept to the final launch. There are many ways to collaborate with us, we can fly solo or in tandem with a hands-on partner.


Core principles of work

  • Individual approach
  • Expertise
  • Ability to scale
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Individual approach

    Customers enjoy the attention and care they get at a small boutique agency. Our short decision making processes give us the flexibility to create individual propositions for our clients, custom-tailored to their needs. We provide professional services and solutions and we often go the extra mile to become our client's long-term, strategic partner. We dedicate a great deal of attention to meeting our clients' needs.


    Experienced developers, all driven with a common mission to exceed clients’ expectations in quality and timeline while delivering the projects. Our highly skilled team consistently delivers outstanding results in our projects, ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of our clients and their customers. We have complete confidence in the abilities of our talented individuals and firmly believe in their capabilities.

    Ability to scale

    Through staff augmentation will complement your in-house team and can bring in skills and expertise to improve your overall team performance. We can expand your dedicated software development team in weeks, as well as extending the team that will work on your project, when outsourcing it to us.


    Full flexibility in choosing the engagement models, team members, durations, etc. Our all-inclusive rates ensure transparency and fairness, where you only pay for the actual time worked. Moreover, you have the freedom to modify or cancel your engagement at any time, providing you with complete control and convenience.


     We believe in building long-term partnerships based on trust. We are dedicated to earning your trust and keeping it by maintaining absolute transparency in everything we do – from sharing insights about our company and processes to keeping you informed about your project every step of the way.

    Meet our team

    We firmly believe that team spirit is at the foundation of delivering professional services. When a team shares the same values and vision, they discover better ways to collaborate effectively.

    Our team is highly skilled, well-organized, creative, and fully dedicated to the success of our company and our partners.

    Creativ Soft highly values the talents and dedication of the team members, and therefore, we invest in their growth and development. Recognizing and rewarding our people is a priority in building a stronger and more cohesive team.

    Our aim is to ensure that Creativ Soft remains a place where the team members feel enthusiastic about their work and enjoy a supportive environment.


    We invite you to be a part of our journey and join our vibrant community of professionals in software development on LinkedIn.

    ā€œ The extra mile is what we always do in our work, taking initiative, exceeding expectations, and continuously pushing the limits. ā€

    Dumitru Curea CEO

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What models of cooperation do you offer?

    We are very flexible on the cooperation models and our clients can choose one or mix them from the following: outsourcing a full or part of project completely to our company, fully individual dedicated developers, or fully dedicated team. 

    How to get started on a software development project?

    Book an appointment, and we will promptly arrange a call with you. Please provide us with comprehensive details regarding your requirements, including your preferred level of expertise and desired experience. We will set you up with the best resources and help you get started.

    How quickly can you help me extend my team?

    Benefit from our extensive network of exceptionally talented professionals. Our expertise lies in assisting you in establishing your extended team in either Moldova, comprising individuals who perfectly align with your company's requirements, and can get involved in 3-5 weeks, depending on the specific type and number of specialists you seek to onboard.

    What control do you have over project development?

    You would retain full control over all stages in the development life cycle of your project. You can monitor the process through regular calls and meetings, and track the status and exercise of every task.

    We divide our entire work into sprints for ease of tracking and so you can make changes in the scope at any stage.

    Require further clarification?

    We highly value your feedback and encourage you to reach out to us via email to share your thoughts, request any details or get in touch. Whether you have, we are here to listen and provide the assistance you require.