5 reasons why your business needs a mobile application

Mobile applications are the future of marketing strategies. If until now the transition of the business to the online environment was considered the culmination of success, now websites remain in the shadow of mobile applications. Businesses that reach mobile devices through an app are closer to customers, sell more, and gain trust. People spend more than 5 hours a day accessing their mobile phones. And an eMarketer report showed that by 2020, 90% of people's time on the Internet would go to apps, not websites.

Because the golden age of malls has entered a long hiatus, especially because of COVID-19, people have turned to online stores. But not for long because they have discovered mobile applications, which make their lives very easy. Thus, we used to request a taxi through the application, to send a special agent for shopping, who will bring our products to the door, to order food and even to participate in various courses and training also through mobile applications.

Your business needs a mobile app because:

  1. It loads faster than mobile sites.
    Mobile applications save user settings and do not require all content to be loaded in the browser. That's why the charging time for mobile applications depends only on the speed and quality of your Internet connection. In addition to uploading speed, mobile applications surpass sites due to access to phone functions - video camera, GPS, voice recognition, integration with social networks. Users choose what is faster and easier to implement, so they will opt for an Android or iOS app instead of a mobile site.
  2. Increases the popularity of the brand.
    A mobile application can be more effective in this regard than other marketing strategies, and if they work as a whole the effect is even stronger. After the user installs the application on his device, he will meet your brand countless times a day. The apps also allow you to effectively inform users by sending push-notifications with transactional and promotional messages. Loyalty programs, the chat function, geographical location, online vouchers, pre-order and many other functions in the application can convince users to shop more often.
  3. Provides value to customers.
    Digital accessibility is probably the most important trend of the present in the business world, and mobile applications fit perfectly in this field. Customers no longer want to make phone calls to order a product. Or, wait until a consultant is released to provide additional information. They prefer to place a control just by touching the screen sitting comfortably on the couch. The fact that you take care of their time and comfort makes them feel valuable.
  4. Better convert visitors into buyers.
    Mobile applications encourage potential customers to make a purchase, especially since they can pay for the order with a single click. Moreover, the conversion rate of mobile applications is 200% higher than that of mobile sites. Applications can give you a significant increase in turnover due to direct contact with customers - the closer you are to them, the more you sell.
  5. It helps you get to know your target audience.
    The use of analytical data from customer websites has revolutionized e-commerce worldwide and led to the development of online stores. Now, thanks to mobile applications, more data can be collected about their users. In addition to the feedback, they leave in the application - complaints, comments, reviews, behavioural data can be analyzed. What users search for most often, which pages in the app they visit, and how long they stay on them - is the information needed to improve the user experience, develop effective advertising campaigns, and create better products. Based on the search and shopping history of the users in the application, you can provide them with the appropriate information about discounts and offers on products that interest them.

If the business you run has so far avoided getting into the pockets of customers, potential customers or partners now is the time! And don't forget - many of your competitors are already investing time and money in developing their own mobile applications!

5 reasons why your business needs a mobile application