5 tips for choosing a proper domain name

What is the first question when buying a web domain: what name do I choose? Choosing a domain name may seem insignificant.

Domain name is your presence on the internet. It's that word typed by your visitors who are looking for you. To help you choose your domain name faster, we've compiled a list of 5 tips.

  1. Include domain name searched for by internet visitors
    A classic strategy is to choose a domain name to include a keyword. This method is used to bring traffic. For example, you can choose a domain such as: "cumsafacibani.ro" Or "afacerionline.com".
  2. Keep the domain name short (Do not exceed the 2/3 limit)
    A short domain name will be more accessible. The world will be easier to type in search engines. Another advantage is that all of your pages will have a shorter URL. Many studies in the SEO industry show that shorter URLs get more benefits. I invite you to look at the names of big sites. How do you think Quora, YouTube or Wikipedia? Experienced marketing people never choose domains like: afacerionlinedesucces.ro or cumsaiticrestiafacerea.ro. A shorter web site is always easier to access. This is true even when someone distributes your page on Twitter. In this case, there are enough exceptions. I also met blogs with longer names. You can also choose this option. More advantageous, however, is to fit within 2/3 of the word.
  3. Create a name that is easy to remember by your community
    Maybe you are not interested in bringing traffic from the domain name. Instead, you can create an easy to remember name. You can include a funny word, something to attract attention. Thus, that name will be easily retained by visitors.
  4. Choose a custom name (Create a new word yourself)
    What do the words Google, Mashable, Inc or Forbes say now? You just know there are some sites with a mega authority. If you heard 100 years ago, were they telling you anything else? Of course not. So if you do not find any matching keywords, create your own name. Google is a word that does not exist in the dictionary. But we now know it is the name of the world's largest search engine.
  5. Choose a name that matches your niche profile
    Obviously, you will need a field to represent your niche.
5 tips for choosing a proper domain name