What is software testing

Did you know that your phone, tablet, or computer were tested hundreds of times before it got to you? The development of new it programs has led to the training of specialists, previously unknown. Behind the realization of new systems, applications or devices are the creators and developers of the project. But few know that a very important role in this process is played by the QA tester. 

The testers are officially called quality assurance Engineer, which in our terms means quality assurance Engineer. You can already see what these specialists are doing. 

Before being launched on the market, technologies and devices are tested during their realization, but also after the completion of the process, so that their effectiveness is proven to be 100%. Because it is in trend and offers many possibilities, many it-knows want to become testers.  In addition, wages in this area are very attractive. 

Software testing – QA – is the process of experimenting with the computer system in order to determine its quality. This verifies that no errors occur or that it meets all the requirements for use, what benefits it offers, and what risks may arise from its launch on the market. The degree of training and professionalism of the people who do the testing also determines the quality of the final products.
What does a software tester do? 

  • write and execute test scenarios; 
  • report defects/errors found; 
  • reports the progress/evolution of the test; 
  • analyzes test results; 
  • develops tests and test plans; 
  • helps programrs to remove the defects of the tested device; 

These are just some of the basic responsibilities of a QA tester, to which some positions may be added or excluded depending on the seniority degree of the tester. 

The career orientation toward the software area is therefore very advantageous. Specialists in this field have the opportunity to first try the devices and programs that users cannot access, have countless development possibilities and are assured a continuous learning process. 

What is software testing