The colors of your brand and logo are of particular importance to your company. So what colors should you choose?

Before answering this question, we first need to understand how psychology influences colors.

Color is created from light traveling at different wavelengths - each creating a slightly different color. For example, the red color is created by the long wave frequencies, and the blue one by the short waves. This means that the red light comes into contact with the retina at the front of it, and we have the feeling that red comes to us, which is why we make the necessary adjustments. Blue light comes into contact with the retina at the back of it, and so it seems to be moving away from us. Green is in the middle of the spectrum and does not require adjustment on our part. The way the brain processes these messages makes us react with different emotions in different colors.

We'll now see some tricks to use when choosing your company colors. But before that, let us summarize the way each color affects our emotions.

  • Red is the most stimulating color.
    It transmits energy and enthusiasm and has a strong visual impact. It's the most used color in business (a reason why you should avoid it).
  • Blue is mainly associated with trust, stability and tradition, but it can also be associated with reason, logic and deep thinking. The downside of the blue is that it may give the impression that your business is cold and reserved. It is the second most used color in business.
  • Orange is the most controversial color, denoting both caution and heat.
    In business, it has been spectacularly well-chosen for the mobile phone company and a bad choice for everybody else who has tried it. It's also the most discordant color, which is why few people look good in orange, and do not fit easily with other colors.
  • Yellow is the brightest color and we associate it most easily with emotions.
    Depending on how intense it is, the yellow suggests self-confidence associated with maturity or stiff arrogance. It is also associated with creativity, and in golden shades with success. Creativity, success and emotional maturity are excellent qualities that your company can deliver.
  • Black is associated with luxury in products, but it's completely inappropriate for the services industry that does not include funeral services :)
  • Gray. It is an inappropriate choice in all respects.
  • White is, of course, associated with incoherence and purity, which are commendable qualities, but are they suitable to promote your business?
  • Violet is associated in some very strong countries with religion, and for this reason it is best to avoid it when it comes to the colors of the company if you are doing business in other countries
  • Green is, of course, associated with the environment and health. Studies show that it is the most suitable color for the background, because people are more attracted to a product or logo when it is on a green background.

Some general rules for choosing colors. It may be that your company is a roadrunner on a particular market. If this is the case, it would be best to choose for your company the color that best symbolizes the market. For example, a supplier of first class electrical goods should choose electric blue. A law firm specializing in family law should choose the green.

If you have one important competitor, you should generally choose the color that contrasts most strongly with the competitor. For example, Coca-Cola chose the red, so Pepsi chose the blue.

The colors of your brand and logo are of particular importance to your company. So what colors should you choose?