How to promote my website: 10 promotional methods that are working

Okay, you've made a website and you're online ... but what are you doing now? Here are 10 ways you can bring visitors to your site and find the answer to "How do I promote my website?"

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
    SEO is the process of increasing your website's visibility, organic search engine results, optimizing webpages with key phrases and phrases that users can search for. Think a little: when you search for something on Google (can it be a product or service), do you go through the top 2-3 pages with search results? Probably not, and certainly not your potential customers will not.
  2. Blogging and Guest Blogging 
    By offering free and free content on your site, you can attract new visitors and you can differentiate yourself from your competition. At the same time, writing articles on other blogs with higher popularity can bring you new visits to your site. Guest bloggers are people who post one or more articles on a blog where they do not contribute regularly.
  3. Pay Per Click (PPC)
    Use paid advertising to increase site traffic on search engines (a good example would be Google AdWords). Here's how it works: You'll pay a fixed price for every click your ad receives, and the ultimate goal is to convert these clicks into customers. Using Google AdWords, you can set your daily budget (e.g., 30 MDL / day) or a maximum cost per click (e.g., $ 3). Choose your keywords and phrases and Google will help you show your target audience
  4. Retargeting 
    Resetting is the display of a banner or ad, only to visitors who have visited your site. If for any reason the visitor left the site without buying or sending a request for the offer (98% of visitors leave the site without buying), the banner displayed to them is a reminder of the offer and maintains a link with the visitor.
  5. Ads on Facebook 
    Millions of people use Facebook and spend an average of 8 hours / month on the social networking site. Using promotion through Facebook ads you have the option to target your ads by demographic categories (city, age, gender, marital status, etc.). In addition, it is a great way to increase traffic on the site because you use Facebook's popularity to increase traffic to your site. As with Google AdWords, you have the option to pay for each click your ad receives (PPC) or you have the option to pay for the number of ad impressions.
  6. YouTube
    Creating useful videos and posting them on YouTube can bring visitors interested in the content you presented in those videos. Google not only indexes content on YouTube, but other people who think your video is useful can use it on their site or share it with friends. While the ultimate goal is to make your video "viral", you must remember that not every movie needs millions of views to generate traffic on your site. Instead, focus on a call to action where you urge viewers to visit your site.
  7. Email Marketing 
    Email marketing is of great help because most people need to be approached several times before doing an action (for example, before buying anything from your online store). Email marketing is a proven and proven method of promotion and is one of the best ways to address potential customers and generate action from them. Give people a good reason to sign up (contests, excellent content, secret information, etc.) and then continue to send quality content to avoid unsubscribing.
  8. References 
    Let's take a simple example: you are looking for a new stylist because you want a new hairstyle, or you might want to try a new restaurant, you will most likely want to call your friends, family, or you will be searching online to discover the best options. These sources are ideal for bringing traffic to the site and for converting them into customers. Focus on establishing a relationship with your fans to get positive reviews / reviews and recommendations. You can also participate in forum discussions or comment on blogs to highlight your business but without being too aggressive to promote.
  9. Social Media 
    Like the email marketing, social media helps you communicate with potential customers and encourage them to buy your product or service. Again, you have to give a good reason for people to give "Like" your page, but also to distribute quality content that will prompt visitors to enter your website or online store. Social media is also an excellent reference tool because you'll see what people are talking about and what recommendations they make.
  10. PR (Public Relations) 
    How to Promote Your Online Business Creating reputation is very important for generating traffic to your company's website. Through public relations strategies, you can promote yourself as an expert on your niche and you can work to increase credibility. Doing this will increase your conversion rate and brand awareness. For example, if you are the source of more newspaper articles in the online environment, usually that newspaper will post a link to the source, that is, your company's website. In addition, when you are mentioned by an important and trustworthy source, you will also gain the trust of your readers.
How to promote my website: 10 promotional methods that are working