Dorin Acru, about web design trends and project mistakes of the sites from the Republic of Moldova

The Internet has evolved so much in recent times that it has become the working tool of the world's largest development spheres. Thus, most complying companies have a site designed to ensure interaction with customers and potential customers. And we are not talking here just about information or presentation of certain products and services, but about effective communication, timing, and value for the brand.  A well-functioning website is due to the work of a whole team of specialists, and one of them is the web designer, who takes care of the company's image on the Internet.  It also establishes an attractive link between the basics of web design: layout, color, graphics, fonts, and content.  The user experience on the Internet depends on the design, as well as the success of the company.  

In order to find out why a website needs web design, which are the latest trends in web design, and which are the most common errors reflected on the sites in the Republic of Moldova in the graphics and design chapter, we have talked to Dorin acre, web designer, CEO and co-founder at Digital Bastards. 

Why do sites need web design? 

Because a site without a web design is a site without an identity.  Since a site is created without being designed by a web designer it is very likely not to show a clear design line of the entire site. Colors, fonts, icons - all these elements must create visual harmony so that it is pleasant to the eye and, at the same time, meet the objective of the site, that of capturing the attention of visitors. Whether we are talking about an online store or an identity site, the aim of the web designer, in my opinion, is to make graphics give consumers positive emotions and help create the brand image. And last but not least, the work of the web designer makes the site navigation intuitive and designed so that, in up to 3 clicks, the user obtains the information/product desired.”

What are the most important trends in web design for the current period? 

With the increased potential of computing machines and the Internet, the possibility of interacting with the user is emerging. The latest trends in web design refer to 3D effects; direct interaction with the user; interfaces created for each type of user, maximum simplicity, and the removal of unnecessary and excess information from the interface. The user filters the content and if the required information is not found in the first few seconds, the user will close the page. Therefore, the purpose of the web designer is as soon as possible to present the basic idea of the company/site or the solution to the consumer's question, and this is also the most appreciated trend.” 

What do Moldovans prefer when it comes to web design?  Keep up with trends?  Does it accept the recommendations of the experts or impose their own visions? 

Everything is variable. There are also customers in Moldova who understand the necessity and value of a well-designed design, but not all customers are like this. That is why I prefer to choose my own customers to work with - people who understand how important it is that a site/application should not only look good but also be functional. From personal experience I can say that most of our entrepreneurs are not ready to pay for a good design, they usually steal ideas from other sites or competitors and apply them, without taking into account that brand individuality is very important, and customers need to be approached differently.

Not all of our entrepreneurs keep pace with design trends because they require extra costs for the company and no longer consider what extra revenue can bring a good design.  However, we also have companies that are always in the trend and keep pace with the latest trends in web design.

Entrepreneurs demand their own visions, but a respected specialist must carry out the project according to the briefcase and when the customer insists on his own views, it creates two prototypes - one of them reflects the specialist's vision and with well-formulated arguments, it explains to the customer why it is necessary to accept the solution proposed by the specialist. Any collaboration works based on trust, and to get it, a web designer must be well informed and ensure that his solution is the right one. If the budget is large and the entrepreneur is stubborn, both options are used - A/B testing is done and the result is visible.

What are the most common mistakes you noticed on the websites of the Republic of Moldova in the graphic and design chapter?  

There is no minimalism, simplicity, and creativity to replay the main idea. Colors, fonts, icon styles are not well combined and a tendency to plagiarize to the full from competitors persists. No special attention shall be paid to the details. At the same time, large companies are doing their best to eliminate the mistakes they have. The biggest problem is in the copyright chapter, are not respected and a lot of unlicensed images are used.”

How can we have a always fresh, updated, and attractive site? 

To have an always fresh and attractive website it is necessary to work on it always the marketing team in tandem with the designers. Take into account design trends, but also take into account customer preferences so that a gradual transition to the new design is made. The presentation of quality content, a pleasant visual aspect, and the individual approach of each visitor are probably the most relevant elements of an updated website adapted to the requirements of the target audience. Of course, there are other aspects such as: adapting the site according to the visitor groups, accessibility of information, simple design, attractive graphics will increase the value of the site.”


Dorin Acru, about web design trends and project mistakes of the sites from the Republic of Moldova