The Laravel Framework. What it represents and what are its advantages

When developing sites, frameworks are used more and more often. High potential for these software solutions contributes to the acceleration, simplification, and automation of many processes. Customers can now order sites with modern functionalities, which can be developed in a very short time with the help of a framework.

Already created, frameworks, give the developer everything they need to: 

  1. Working with the database;
  2. Generating pages based on templates;
  3. Access control;
  4. Protection against network attacks;
  5. AJAX support, etc.

There are currently a lot of frameworks—tens and maybe hundreds.

The 10 most popular open-source frameworks are:

  1. Laravel 
  2. CodeIgnitre 
  3. Symphony 
  4. CakePHP 
  5. Yii 
  6. Zend Framework 
  7. Phalcon 
  8. FuelPHP 
  9. PHPixie 
  10. Slim 

The most popular product of this kind is Laravel.
Laravel is a PHP MVC framework created by Taylor Otwell in 2011, becoming the most popular free, open-source PHP framework in the world. Because it can handle complex web applications safely, at a considerably faster rate than other frameworks. Laravel simplifies the development process by making it easier for common tasks such as routing, sessions, caching, and authentication.

It has several advantages, including:

  1. The possibility of creating sites of any complexity;
  2. Individual settings for the control panel;
  3. High level of data security;
  4. Integration of additional modules without significant costs.
  5. Laravel is written in PHP, the most popular dynamic site programming language.
  6. Laravel has no specific system requirements and operates/operates on the capabilities of almost all hosting providers.
  7. It offers almost all the basic functionality of the sites, including a powerful access control system, tools for sending e-mail and an exceptional migration mechanism.
  8. All included tools are already configured in the best way for most cases.
  9. Almost everything you need can be implemented with a very short program code. That is, there is a further reduction in labour intensity.
  10. There are many additional libraries written by third-party developers that extend the functionality of the Laravel framework.
  11. Laravel includes prototyping tools – creating semifinished products for software modules of various types, in which the site developer will only have to add his own code.


The Laravel Framework. What it represents and what are its advantages