Landing page - what it represents and why it is useful

Websites are very interesting creations, not only from the point of view of the graphic and technical aspect, but also from the point of view of the organization of the pages. If you have a site with useful information for users, a blog different from other blogs due to educational content or an online store with quality products, but the conversion rate is very low, you need something more. Something to guide users to get where they want and urge them to act. This is called landing page or destination page, which is correctly optimized, helps you sell, promote and get more action from users.  

A landing page represents the web page on which the user arrives and can take an action. This page is distinct from the rest of the site, has a special design designed to achieve the goals set, and fits into marketing and advertising techniques. On a landing page will “land” customers redirected through an e-mail marketing campaign, visitors who have accessed a PPC (pay per click), or those who have opened a search engine result. Landing pages give visitors the possibility to download the content that they are offered in various forms: media files, documents, courses, demos, product vouchers and many other offers.  
A landing page is not just a product presentation page, here is also inserted a call-to-action, which prompts users to fill out a form, create an account and try out a new experience. The main role of the destination page, landing page, is to convert visitors to potential clients.  

The efficiency of a landing page increases with conversion rates. This involves accessing an ad, filling out a form, subscribing to the newsletter, opening a search engine result, recording an order, and more. There is trading-type landing, which aims to gather useful information about potential customers or to encourage them to make a quick purchase, for example during promotional campaigns. Thus, a simple completed form can bring a new customer. A landing page of reference presents relevant information to potential customers and advertising about products and services. Images, video, various links and access buttons are usually found on such pages. 

Landing page contains several basic components. These are: 

  1. An attractive and subtitle that attracts potential clients in a subtle but certain way; 
  2.  The logo of the company, for brand promotion and strengthening;  
  3.  Links and buttons, so that users can perform specific actions; 
  4.  The form by which useful information about consumers can be collected to determine their needs and preferences; 
  5.  Qualitative business-representative videos and photos;  
  6.  Benefits of products or services provided by the company that justify purchases by customers. 

All these elements beautifully gathered on a page, created by a good specialist, with a design adapted to current trends will lead to the achievement of the basic purpose and the conversion. 
Many companies send their offers, advertisements, registration forms, media traffic to the website homepage. This is not the best solution. When there is a targeted traffic flow to the site, you can increase the ability to convert traffic to leads by means of a target landing page. How it works, but also about getting the optimization of the landing page, we'll tell you in another Article 

Landing page - what it represents and why it is useful