Business Facebook page: What role it plays and how we manage it

If your business still doesn't have a professional Facebook page, it's time to create it!  According to statistics, more than 2 billion users spend their time on Facebook, which would be good for any business. A professional Facebook page, properly managed, helps you easily discover the products or services you provide and ensures effective communication between you and users. To find out how a professional Facebook page should look, what its purpose is, and what the graphics make it clear, we've talked to Daniel Revenco, web designer, who focuses on a few important points.

Business needs Facebook! If customers can be approached online, then communication must be high-quality and frequent. Facebook is an accessible and efficient communication tool. Through this channel it is easy to inform people about products and services, about promotions or campaigns that entrepreneurs very often organize and need participants in their realization. However, for some business, the Facebook page is not as significant. This is the case where the target customers are not on the Internet and the focus is on other ways of communicating.

The purpose of a social media page is to communicate with customers. Thus, it is essential to adapt the messages depending on the status and needs of the target customer in terms of: graphic style, text message style, video. For example, if the target audience is represented by young people, then the messages must also be adapted to the way young people live. From a graphical point of view, this means that the message will be dynamic, innovative, and attractive.

As a web designer, I say a video message is more efficient than text or picture. People are reading less and less, so video becomes a tool with great potential to play a message, which will be successfully received. In addition, the video message must be short. Long videos are boring and, as well, becoming ineffective. The perfect time for a video message is 30-60 seconds.

A well-managed Facebook page requires time and creativity.  And, for an always fresh look and tailored to the needs of the public, a professional graphic designer is required, a beginner will not be able to maintain a Facebook page in terms of consistency. I recommend that it be stylistic ready for each type of posting to be published on the page. This requires: a template for daily postings; a template for thematic posts (holidays, events); offers/promotions.

All this is necessary to attract visitors' attention and make them come back! The Facebook page does not only serve communication, promotion, and profit generation.  Facebook is also a successful way to create a good image, either for people directly or for businesses, and this is an important aspect of the present. The brand to get value needs appreciation, and on Facebook it's relatively easy to get!

Business Facebook page: What role it plays and how we manage it