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Web, mobile apps and custom software development

Creativ Soft designs, builds, and scales software products for startups, scale-ups, state bodies, and enterprises. From software development to IT staff augmentation, we offer services across all major domains and niches.

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Full-cyсlе sоftwаrе dеvеlоpment sеrvicеs thаt аdаpt sеаmlеssly tо yоur prоjеct rеquirеmеnts and businеss nееds.

Frontend Development

Frontend Development

Visually appealing and user-centric frontends with seamless interfaces, smooth navigation, and easy accessibility.

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Backend Development

Backend Development

Secure and scalable, ensuring smooth functioning, efficient data processing, and seamless integration.

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Mobile Development

Mobile Development

End-to-end app development and team extension models to best meet your mobile development needs.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Testing and improving your product’s quality, catching issues faster, and saving your developers’ time.

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UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Assisting with backlog creation, backlog grooming, wireframe design, UI/UX design, and prototyping.

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Part of our technology stack

If you require a different tech stack or specialists with specific expertise, we will promptly cover this requirement.

Microsoft .NET

How it works

Here’s a summary of the steps we take to ensure the development process runs smoothly and exactly fits your business and budget requirements.

How it works

Here’s a summary of the steps we take to ensure the development process runs smoothly and exactly fits your business and budget requirements.

Product scoping

Gathering requirements, conducting feasibility studies, and creating a clear roadmap for the process.


Time & cost estimate

Analyzing the scope, complexity, and potential risks to determine the project's timeline and budget.



Creating software architecture, translating the requirements into a well-structured user interface, and user experience.



Developing modules, implementing functionalities, and conducting regular testing to ensure the code is error-free.



Monitoring and supporting the software, fixing any bugs or issues that arise, and implementing updates or enhancements.


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Mobile apps - the most interesting statistics about their use

Have you ever thought about what your life would look like without mobile apps? Hard to say, given that we use our mobile phone almost anywhere: at home, at work, on travel. They help us organize our time more easily, socialize, inform ourselves and even monitor health or other processes in our daily lives. Statistics show that 90% of the time spent on the phone is spent on mobile applications. 

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Software Development Life Cycle

All projects, regardless of their field, go through a similar life cycle, going through several stages/phases, in which several processes are carried out. Running projects through these well-defined structures reduces the degree of uncertainty, increases the control of the way the project is carried out and allows decision-making after each phase. 

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