The most searched and well paid IT jobs in the Republic of Moldova

If, until recently, most children who were asked what they want to become when they grow up - answered that they want to be police officers, firefighters, drivers or doctors - today things have changed! Children are increasingly passionate about robotics, video games, mobile applications and programming, getting to know these fields even from the age of seven. Their interest is due both to the environment in which they develop, being controlled almost entirely by information technologies and to the possibilities of creating amazing things with their own minds. In addition, we all know that being a good programmer nowadays means being appreciated and welcomed with open arms in any company. 

So, if your current job no longer satisfies you and you are not satisfied with your financial status - change direction and become a programmer. For this, you can take one or more specialized courses so that you can write code with your eyes closed. IT specialists from the Republic of Moldova, who know programming languages, know how a computer works and are willing to learn, can get jobs with very good salaries. 

As an overview, we tell you that on August 26, 2021, on the recruitment platform, there are 772 job offers in the field of IT and Telecommunications. Most of the specialists are expected in Chisinau companies such as Endava, STEP IT Academy Moldova, Crunchyroll, Muume AG, Unifun and others. Most jobs are offered full time, and salaries vary between 10,000 lei and 72,000 lei.

For example, to fill the position of Java / Scala Data Engineer, Oneest company offers a salary of 72,000 lei, for Lead .NET Developer Muume AG offers a salary of 65,000 lei, and a PHP Developer Casinoz offers 60,000 lei.

Most vacancies for programmers are registered on the platform is Java Developer, Front-End Developer, Software Engineer, Web Designer, Back-End Developer, IT Project Manager, SQL Developer, 1C Developer, Data Analyst and others.
That they are in great demand, you have already understood, but what do the specialists who master these fields actually do? We will explain briefly!

Java Developer - is the man who writes lines of code, does software analysis, manages and develops Java and Java EE applications make sure that the design meets the needs of the company. Java is one of the most used programming languages, especially when it comes to modernizing applications.

Front-End Developer - implements various web designs using programming languages. So, everything you see on a site is related to the front end development: the layout of the page, the menus you browse through - all were developed by a Front-End Developer.

Software Engineer - is the person responsible for the development of computer programs and operating systems. Software Engineers are those who think and develop programs to be used easily and efficiently - word processors, games and web or mobile applications.

Web Designer - is responsible for creating websites starting from the design of the structure, functionalities and graphical interface and ending with web programming and content placement - images, texts, files and other elements.

Back-End Developer - is the person who takes care of the database: creating, reading, updating and deleting data - operations called CRUD (create, read, update, delete). Moreover, a back-end programmer must also know the front-end basis (HTML and CSS).

IT Project Manager - is responsible for planning and executing any IT project - software modernization, construction industry, design, production and more. It is the person who plans the resources, determines the implementation period, establishes the budget of a project, analyzes the risks and manages the team communication.

SQL Developer - is the person responsible for the development, creation and maintenance of databases. In other words, it designs the tables and structures that make up a database, writes SQL code to integrate other applications, creates triggers used in automation, and oversees database security.

Data Analyst - deals with the collection, processing and statistical analysis of data within a company. Currently, data analysts can use SQL to get more information from databases. They create dashboards, develop and maintain connections between various databases and departmental systems within a company, using programming languages ​​and Business Intelligence software.

The most searched and well paid IT jobs in the Republic of Moldova