How to create attractive product descriptions 7 steps to sell effectively

Online stores have many advantages compared to physical ones. Not only because they are a click away and the products are delivered directly to the buyer's door, but also because they allow them to analyze several offers, of different stores, at the same time. All you have to do is convince him to put the products in the basket. If in a regular shop we can see and even test the quality of a product we hold, in the online environment, the product description is the “scanner” that tells us what we are about to buy. If this description is attractive and meets the needs of the buyer – you will sell. If the product description is superficial and does not answer the customer's questions about the product – you will probably collect stocks.  

And one more – the competition! Because the online environment offers many possibilities, many people try them. This is why the products you sell may also be found on the pages of another store, and the one who will sell more certainly sees the description of the products as an advantage and not necessarily as a necessity. If you offer good product descriptions, you will also increase the SEO optimization rate of the online store, which means more sales.  

So, we present to you 7 important steps that will help you create attractive product descriptions to sell efficiently. 

  1. Displays the main product page elements: The product name; the price; the product photograph; description of the product; general characteristics;  the choice of quantity; add to cart and add to favorites button; social media buttons; delivery information and return policy. These are the first items the buyer sees when opening your product.  
  2. Analyze the target audience. The best way to help you understand the target audience is to replace the customer. You sell products to a person like you, who has needs, preferences, and expectations, and your aim is to find out what they are. It is no longer enough to know only the customer's demographic data to know what to offer, you need to establish a link with it. So you can start by transforming the product description into a discussion with the customer about what he likes, giving him an answer to his own questions.  
  3. Inform purchasers of the benefits of the products you sell. This means interacting with site visitors through quality text. Clear, succinct, and grammatical information is essential to create a complete picture of the products. Convince people that they require these articles specifically by placing emphasis on qualities and benefits that can be seen visually. It is not easy to make a good description of a product, but once it is realized, it will sell for you.  
  4. Be original.  Information containing the general characteristics of products alone is not enough. To turn the visitor into a buyer you need a little more, and that means you need to add to the page what you think would be useful for you too: Product reviews and testimonials, live-chat, discounts, and promotions. Product descriptions that provide original and easy-to-understand information help you put your pages at the top of the results in search engines. 
  5. Use keywords in the product description. These words must represent the site and also be included in the meta-description/ meta-tags, as well as words that appear in the product name. This technique helps you get better indexing on search engines and more traffic for the online store. 
  6. Add qualitative pictures of your products.  If the photos do not draw attention from the first – you risk losing a potential customer before it reaches the product description. So that this doesn't happen, hire a photographer who specializes in product photography and advertising. Thus, your pictures will play a reality, have a good resolution, and place you one step up in front of your competitors. In addition, well-done things offer credibility. 
  7. Sell with the help of the video. The product presentation video, which explains the benefits and how to use, is a great asset for your online store. It not only shows how the product works, but it also conveys the emotions of using the product you sell. 
How to create attractive product descriptions 7 steps to sell effectively