”Inteligența Artificială în Acțiune” - The organization that develops the IA and ML sector in the Republic of Moldova

Almost three years ago, a group of young enthusiasts, led by Ion Moșnoi, set up the Organization “Inteligența Artificială în Acțiune”. The main goal was to develop the AI Community in Moldova by implementing tech and educational projects with the support of AI and ML technologies. The organization has an important mission – to stimulate innovation in different fields, such as education, medicine, justice, etc. using technologies based on artificial intelligence. 

ML or machine learning is the english term for machine learning. Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence and computer science that focuses on using data and algorithms to mimic the way people learn, gradually improving their accuracy. 

The mission of ”Inteligența Artificială în Acțiune” is to increase the number of AI/ML specialists in the region.  
“We do this through various projects. One of our projects is the Facebook Community – the artificial Intelligence in action group, where we have over 1000 members. Every week the artificial Intelligence in Action team posts news and articles about artificial intelligence to encourage the participation of group members.  

Another project is AI talks, where we invite AI people to talk to us about the technologies they work with and share their knowledge and experiences, as well as motivate AI enthusiasts. In order to train technical skills, we involve the Community in the development of projects with AI technologies. Thus was born the Kaggle in Action project, where we formed 2 teams, which will participate in a kaggle contest. 

We are a team of people passionate about AI, and some of us work day by day with machine learning technologies. Together we managed to build the largest AI community in Moldova, we already organized 2 kaggle competitions, we made a series of live-ups with talk experts, 4 workshops, a text recognition project from ballot papers, As well as we have produced a series of informative and educational materials in the form of video/text that we have shared with the Community,” Diana Artiom, Program Manager at the artificial Intelligence in Action Organization, told creativsoft.md.  

Artificial intelligence, an area not yet explored in the Republic of Moldova.  

Academia is only now beginning to include courses that are in step with modern AI technologies. The current specialists are self-taught enthusiasts, who have learned artificial intelligence desinestatingly, or have done their studies abroad. On the other hand, the industrial environment opens up, for the moment, few jobs and work opportunities. Therefore, at the moment there is skepticism and reluctance to AI technologies.  

However, some companies are taking big steps toward including AI technologies in their portfolio. Several volunteer initiatives are trying to popularize the field of artificial intelligence, which means that there will be many opportunities for those who want TO do AI in Moldova. Artificial intelligence in action aims to shed light on the different aspects of AI and to popularize this field as much as possible, by increasing the number of AI specialists in the region. 

Moldova is an attractive country in terms of export of information technologies.  

For the second consecutive year, it exports exceed exports from traditional export fields (wines, textiles, etc.) reaching US$258,47 million in 2020.  Success is due to the fact that no big investments are needed – you just need a computer and a set of digital skills needed for the job – ICT skills, programming, communication, English, etc. 

Artificial intelligence is a vast field, and involves working with data such as collecting, processing, storing data, but also extracting useful information, applying machine Learning/machine Learning algorithms to make predictions, etc. AI technologies can be applied in any industry, Because AI algorithms can be used for scenarios such as automating processes in factories, recognizing objects in images, translating texts from one language to another, or even optimizing computer processors and predicting protein structure, they are useful for drug discovery. 
The possibilities of studying and using artificial intelligence in the Republic of Moldova are unlimited.  

There is potential for both scientific and industrial development. From an academic point of view, many research centers in the Republic of Moldova affiliated to higher education institutions already possess the necessary hardware technologies for processing large data volumes. However, even though these supercomputer centers are not in all universities, cloud technologies offer many free resources for students and academia.  

Therefore, the study of artificial intelligence in Moldova is possible. An impediment, for now, could be the limited number of specialists who have experience in this field, but potential partnerships with universities abroad could solve this problem. 

In the industry, the demand for AI specialists is constantly growing.  

Even though there aren’t many academic programs, there are companies that choose to provide training for employees who want a career in this field.  Having more specialists in the field and providing services, specialists could contribute to the growth of the country’s economy but also to attracting competitive salaries. 
As an agrarian country, Moldova is exposed to the opportunities of applying AI technologies extensively, starting with process automation, to replacing human work with intelligent systems, Diana Artiom added.

The artificial Intelligence in Action organization is constantly developing and recruiting specialists in several fields, including data Science and machine Learning.  If you are passionate about AI or want to learn something new, contact team members on facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/aiinactiune/?ref=share or fill out form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdzDYySipLbs2Kix7vAfrkf9dPU4X9Ghcd7qlRK5yxZ58dyuQ/viewform viewform.  
Community members will help you gain professional and volunteer experience in THE AI field. Thus, you will also contribute to the development of artificial intelligence in Moldova, but also abroad. 

”Inteligența Artificială în Acțiune” - The organization that develops the IA and ML sector in the Republic of Moldova